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Learn how cloud technology is transforming asset integrity management.

With advances in technology come newer and more efficient ways to get work done. This holds true for asset integrity management, which — like much of the industrial space — is undergoing a digital transformation that will see systems and processes become more connected and more intelligent.

Asset Integrity Management as a Service (AIMaaS) will unlock new efficiencies in assurance and compliance while enabling optimizations that increase asset performance. In our webinar, we’ll walk through the many ways cloud computing is changing asset integrity management, and give you the first public demonstration of our own solution: OneInsight™ - Asset Integrity Management as a Service.


  • The importance of integrity data and its management
  • Data silos and the issues they cause
  • Data integrity and “actionable insights”
  • Achieving accuracy in reporting and assurance
  • How asset integrity as a service (AIMaaS) works, with a demo of OneInsight™
  • The stages of implementing AIMaaS
  • Why you should choose TEAM's OneInsight™ - Asset Integrity Management as a Service solution